The best over view of Neurorehabilitation in 2020

Best neurology rehabilitation centers or as said by some neurorehabilitation centers in 2020, these centers are rare to find nowadays.

Knowing that both neurorehabilitation and neural repair are two faces of the same coin, which means that neural repair won’t be achieved without neurorehabilitation. You can imagine how much this service is highly needed and essential.

The literature opinion about some miss conceptions:

All the major references as a developmental neurorehabilitation journal and neurorehabilitation journal had always emphasized that neurorehabilitation centers shouldn’t be equivalent to a physical therapy center or a fitness center.

  • Developmental neurorehabilitation journal said that the neurorehabilitation center is more comprehensive than just being a physical therapy as it might also include other services besides physical therapy. Even if physical therapy is a cornerstone service at any neurorehabilitation centers yet it shouldn’t be standing alone.
  • Neurorehabilitation journal said that the neurorehabilitation center is much more different than a fitness center, as the provided service is in the context of a medical frame and tailored not only to suit each diagnosis but to suit each patient with each diagnosis.

But why you need neuro-rehabilitation centers or what is the ideal patient to seek this help?

Any patient requiring neural repair after any neurological illness would need neurorehabilitation. Any patient with motor impairment, ambulation issues, sensory disturbance, cognitive and memory problems, consciousness problems, difficult to swallow, difficult to control urine and stool with sphincteric problems. All these problems would need the help of a specialized neurorehabilitation center.

The patient suffering from the fore-mentioned problems might be suffering from any of these illnesses:

Patient with:

  • cerebrovascular stroke,
  • brain hemorrhage,
  • brain tumors,
  • multiple sclerosis,
  • peripheral neuropathies whether the acute form name gallian barre syndrome or acute demyelinating poly radiculo-neuropathy or the chronic form of peripheral neuropathy named the chronic inflammatory demyelinating poly radiculo-neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy might happen due to immunological problems as mentioned before or might be due to a number of other causes the most important are endocrinological conditions as diabetes.
  • Patients also might be suffering from spinal cord injuries.

As mentioned by nearly all neurorehabilitation journal in 2020 that spinal cord injuries are the second most common reason to seek neural repair via a neurorehabilitation center after cerebrovascular stroke. Spinal cord injury can happen due to a number of reasons. As inflammation of the spinal cord only or the spinal cord and the nerve roots which are called respectively transverse myelitis and radiculo-myelitis.

Other reasons for spinal cord injuries which are very common nowadays are traumatic spinal cord injuries after multiple causes as road traffic accidents and after neck or back surgeries.

Other causes to head to a neurorehabilitation center in 2020 are

  • myopathies as Duchene myopathy and other types of muscle diseases, myasthenia gravis,
  • amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s disease,
  • Parkinson’s disease,
  • Alzheimer disease,
  • traumatic brain injuries,
  • and finally, neurological infections as infection brain disease.


The most important benefit for contacting and receiving care a neurorehabilitation centre is that all the needed service would be under one roof. Knowing that most of the patient in need of neurorehabilitation are either old age and or difficult to transfer from their homes to therapy.

As mentioned by the developmental neurorehabilitation journal long time ago before the concept of neurorehabilitation centers was available, the patients to receive this kind of service would need one day to leave the home and go to receive physical therapy.

Another day to go to receive speech therapy, another day to receive brain stimulation, another day to receive botulinum toxin injection (Botox) for his spasticity, another day to see his neurologists do he follow up imaging scans or blood tests.

When you think about all this effort that was previously done by the patients and the family to acquire this service, you would know that providing the service in this context won’t survive long and won’t persist.

Because if the patient and his family could do this once they won’t be able to do it again and again until accomplishing the full required neural repair. Knowing that the process of neural repair doesn’t only depend on medical treatment as recovery is not only through medications.

Medications do have a minor role for functional recovery, but the main factor for neural repair and functional recovery is the nonpharmacological solutions which are through neurorehabilitation.

Neurorehabilitation journal said that it is not logic that the patient is the one who should move to the healthy service provider to receive his optimum level of care by rotating by self on each of the rehabilitation services.

The brilliant idea behind the existence of the comprehensive center for Neurorehabilitation

From this, the concept of neurorehabilitation in 2020 had emerged where it acquires the patient at a certain facility, and all his needs are provided at that place.

Neurorehabilitation Centers would include:

  • Accommodation
  • Nursing for the patients
  • Intensive program, including a daily number of therapy hours, interrupted with periods of rest.
  • Medical supervision to follow up medications, vital data and adjust the program according to the level of exertion the patient can withhold.

Services provided:

  • physical therapy –
  • occupational therapy –
  • dysphagia and swallowing rehabilitation –
  • sensory rehabilitation and education –
  • bowel and bladder training programs –
  • brain stimulation via non-invasive methods as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) and transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS).

These techniques are used to improve neuroplasticity and neural repair and recovery process – speech therapy – psychiatric consultation and psychological support – cognitive rehabilitation and memory training programs.


In Egypt, where are we standing from all of this:

The Taheal Rehabilitation Centers in Cairo – Egypt provide a state-of-the-art neurorehabilitation service. Taheal Rehabilitation Centers were the first to establish the concept of comprehensive neurorehabilitation center in Egypt, Middle East and Africa.

The Taheal Rehabilitation Centers in Cairo – Egypt has more than 10 years’ experience in this field. It has been a common factor at more than 2000 patients’ successful stories who were managed at Taheal over the years.

Taheal Rehabilitation Centers in Cairo – Egypt has a total number of beds exceeding 35 bed including 7 beds for critically ill patients associated with ventilators and monitors.

In Taheal Rehabilitation Centers in Cairo – Egypt the service is run and supervised by several very highly qualified team of consultants and faculty staff members holding the highest medical and rehabilitation degrees on the national and international levels.

Our staff has been trained at:

In Egypt: faculty of medicine Ain-Shams University (ASU). ASU was ranked the first in Africa according to Nature review 2019,

In the USA: University College of San Francisco, Harvard medical school, Cleveland clinic, and case western university.

In Europe: Royal college of physicians (U.K.).


At Taheal Rehabilitation Centers in Cairo – Egypt all forms of service can be provided with either full accommodation with nursing care to receive an intensive program to achieve the highest level of recovery and independence at the shortest time, or outpatient service where the patient can come to our centres and leave after receiving the needed service and a home program.

Before starting treating any of our patients, we do a precise assessment for the patient including seeing his medical reports, knowing his medical history and examining the patient. After which a detailed plan of management including specific goals and time frame.

The primary patient assessment can be done onsite or online for those coming from abroad or want to know their case before arrival.

The most important to go conclusion at the end of this article would be:

Finally, the proverb saying time is brain is always true, which means; losing more time would make you lose more chances for recovery. You need to act fast and start your journey of functional recovery through a specialized neurorehabilitation center in 2020.

If in Egypt, the Middle East or Africa then Taheal Rehabilitation Centers in Cairo – Egypt would always be your best destination to go.