1st Specialized Neurology Clinic for patients with sensory affection in the form of parathesias (altered sensation), hypo/anathesia (decreased or absent sensation), tingling and numbness, low back pain and neck pain.

Sensory affection is comon due to many causes the most comon of them but not the only one is Diabetis milletus.

Taheal Rehabilitation Center offers a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic modlaities whether medical or non medical for these group of patients



Doctor / Karim Ashraf

  • Consultant of Neurology - MD/PHD of Neurology,
  • Specialist of Neurology/Psychiatry - Masters of Neurology/Psychiatry,
  • Specialist of Hospital Management - MBA of Hospital Management,
  • Ain - Shams University, Cairo - Egypt,
  • Certificate of Pain Management Boston University (USA),
  • Certificate of Stroke Management Harvard University (USA),
  • Certificate of Basic Neurology UCSF (USA),
  • Neuro-physiology mini-fellowship Cleveland Clinic (USA),
  • Advance Pharmaco-management of Epilepsy (ILAE),
  • Member of the American Academy of Neurology,
  • Ta'heal Neurology and Rehabilitation Centers Medical Director.
  • Ta'heal Neurology and Rehabilitation Centers C.E.O.
  • Ta'heal Neurology and Rehabilitation Centers Co-Founder.


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