Medical Tourism

Pay for treatment at Taheal Rehabilitation Centers in Cairo - Egypt and we pay the Air-ticket

Egypt is the Capital of the Middle East not only for its sightseeing but also for the very talented doctors we do have. 

When it comes to the best doctors in the world; Egypt is always in the top of this list.

When it comes to the best country for sightseeing; Egypt is always in the top of this list.

We Pay our Patients coming to Egypt

ROUND-TRIP Air Ticket (Free ticket).

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We offer our service tailored for you.

Coming to Egypt for its better health care, or for a better management and for the right treatment.

Or you might be just willing to come to visit Egypt for a visit and due to your medical condition this was always a concern to avoid this before.

We can offer you all of the following in a fully transparent manner.

Putting your safety and satisfaction as our priority to accomplish this.

Our Service can include:

Free round trip air ticket booking.

Airport pick up (to and from).

Accommodation for the patient and his companion at our Medical Centers or Hotels (As required).

Meals for the Patient and the companion (if any special dietary restrictions is required we can do).

Physiotherapy daily Sessions (Manual and Electric as needed).

Nursing and Medical Care and Supervision all through the stay.

Suitable Wheelchair for the patient.

Daily follow up of regular drug intake.

Monitoring of the vital data 3-5 times/day (blood pressure – pulse – temperature – random blood sugar).

Daily Medical Report sent to the family and the Home doctors.

Cell phone with an active sim card with international calls option and active internet connection from the moment of arrival with GPS tracking. This phone will be previously charged and ready to work on the spot and will be saved upon all the important phone calls you might need during your stay (patient embassy – hospitals – doctors – limousines – restaurants – airlines  – ambulance -…etc.).

Identification Card provided to the patient from the moment of arrival including brief case resume and medications times and phone numbers to call in case of emergency.

Currency exchange if needed.

A Medication schedule box where your medications will be loaded in for the whole period of the stay (medications can be brought by you before arrival or can be bought from here and arranged in advance).

Sightseeing and fun itineraries as required the most famous ones are:

  • Pyramids and Sphinx one of the 7 world wonders.
  • Egyptian Museum one of the world largest museums
  • River Nile and folklore show.
  • Khan El Khalili very famous for souvenirs.
  • Cairo Citadel.
  • Red Sea Itineraries.
  • Luxor and Aswan Itineraries.
  • ….etc. and much more as needed.
  • For example: one of our basic itineraries might be as:

    (Yet any other Itinerary can be built and the cost can be defined in advance)

    Package Include

    7 days – 6 Night Accommodation for the patient and a companion at our Centers at a private 2 bed room.3 daily meals for the patient and the companion.2 hours of physiotherapy/day(14 hour/week).3 visits of a Consultant/week(Day after day).Daily medical follow up by a resident physician (House officer Doctor).24/7 Nursing Care.

    We Pay our Patients coming to Egypt ROUND-TRIP Air Ticket.

    (If staying for 3 or more weeks - max. $400)

    Contact us via:

    email: [email protected]

    whatsApp: +201222282112

    During the whole period of stay the following services will be available as needed and In case of emergency:

    Highly Professional Multispecialty medical team of consultants and faculty staff members professors including (Neurologist – Cardiologist – Internalist –Critical Care Team – Orthopedic Surgeon – Plastic Surgeon –Urologist – General Surgeon).

    Portable Labs Service

    Portable Imaging Set (X-rays –Ultrasound – Echo) and option to provide CAT scan or MRI if needed.


    Available ICU bed with Ventilators.

    All Supplies (Diapers – Gloves –Cannulas –Fluids – Cotton - ….etc.).

    Oxygen and Suction units.

    This whole kind of service is provided and supervised by a group of consultants professors and tourism specialist with a more than 15 years’ experience in this field.

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    Our medical consultants and professors are holding the highest level of the national and international degrees and qualifications. beside their post graduate studies in medicine from faculty of Medicine Ain Shams University (PHD), our staff have been trained at Cleveland Clinic – USA  / UCSF – USA / Harvard – USA and being members of the royal college of physicians – UK.

    Before arrival; a very precise plan is set with the patient and the family tailored to suit their needs and expectations. We would be trying to cover all the expected scenarios and the whole details in advance and agreed upon.

    Our number one concerns are to make your visit to Egypt as easy, satisfactory, pleasurable and safe as much as possible.


    Please fill in this data below and we will contact you shortly after to arrange for your visit:

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    The above data will be used in a strictly confidential manner and only to serve your visit.


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